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Release. Rewrite. Rise.

The gap between where you are & where you want lies in trauma healing. You are not broken or damaged. Healing is possible.

About AKKU Holistic Health

AKKU provides personalised trauma-informed holistic 1-on-1 coaching program, group program, breathwork courses, somatic emotional release sessions, and transformational workshops, aimed to help you release what no longer serves you, build resilience, and come back home to wholeness and balance.

Founded by Nathasya O.M, a Trauma Survivor,  who  turned to become a Trauma-informed Somatic Practitioner & Coach, Breathwork Teacher, and the host of the 'Resilient Chat with Nat' Podcast. 

Her mission is to support individuals to break the cycle of abuse and trauma.

Bridging modern and ancient teachings, Nathasya specializes in guiding individuals to release trauma and stress from their body,  and build their nervous system's capacity through mind, body & soul connection so they can finally be free and thrive in their life. She is known for her sensitivity and the deep release she brings to her sessions and workshops.

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What People Say

"My traumas around my ex-relationships no longer affects me, I am no longer scared to be alone at night, I have forgiven myself and released so much baggage I was holding on to. My worse health symptom and the one that I have been struggling with for years has been a heart aching or pain, which has completely gone away since we have started working together. For the first time, I slept in my bed instead of on the couch, and through the whole night ALONE without worrying about my safety."

- Vanessa B., Boston, USA

" Before working with Nathasya, I was very low in energy, and felt like I was completely stuck. I was plagued with super painful back pain, had no motivation to do anything and was in a negative mindset. I had just a year prior to this opened up about early trauma that happened in my childhood, which involved sexual abuse. I struggled to process the pain and had a hard time to heal. My life is different now because once I was stuck and on the verge of giving up, now I am filled with love toward myself and feel more accepting." 

- Anja W., Norway

"I now can feel trust myself, trust my body. I understand how it works, what it needs and how to interact with myself. I live from a place that is much more loving and less in fear. I don't feel that life is threatening me. I am able to let go more easily and have more confidence in life and in myself."

- Elena, Spain & Ghana

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