Resilient Chat with Nat Podcast

The # 1 podcast that combines ancient & modern wisdom, with the aim of guiding you on your healing journey as you build resilience and move from pain to power. Hosted by Nathasya O.M, a Somatic Trauma Coach specializes in guiding conscious leaders to release their past trauma & emotional wounds through mind, body & soul connection so they can finally be free & thrive in their life.

Episode 1

Healing Trauma through Mindful Martial Arts &
Breaking Through Fears with Paola Ucelo

Martial Arts is a form of embodiment practice. Healing occurs through embodiment practices. Listen to how you can use martial arts to release your emotional pain, trauma, and gain self-awareness, the importance of physical practice, what mindful living means, and how to break through fears and self-doubt.

Episode 2

How I Reclaimed My Voice (Solocast)

Here Nathasya shares her story as a female trauma survivor. She explains how trauma can make you feel numb, disconnected and unable to speak up. Listen how to reclaim your voice, the importance of expressing ourselves, and what to do when we are in an argument with our partner or another person.

Episode 3

Rosie Rees on Embracing Your Sacred Sensuality & Yoni Eggs Practice

Nathasya interviews Rosie Rees, the creator of Australia's #1 supplier of Yoni Eggs 'Yoni Pleasure Palace', founder of the Women's Nude Yoga movement and leading sexuality coach for women. They covered what sensuality really means and how to integrate the sensual practice into our everyday lives. The practice of yoni eggs is an ancient practice is now making its return. Learn how the use and practice of yoni eggs is beneficial for women's wellbeing, the importance of coming back home to our bodies, and tips on maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner!

Episode 4

Reiki Healing & The Importance of Balance with Jordi Ibern

Jordi taught Nathasya Traditional Usui Reiki since 2016 and she has learned a lot about energy work from him. Reiki was the first healing modality that cracked Nathasya open and encouraged her to begin her healing journey. In this episode, they covered everything about Reiki, the importance of balance and taking care of yourself, and what to do when you fall out of your "healthy routine".

Episode 5

Healing the Subconscious with Kartika Alexandra

"What is the subconscious?" "Where is it located?" "Why is it necessary for me to address the subconscious when healing from trauma?" Nathasya have received so many questions about this, so she finally made an episode answering all of the subconscious-related questions with the lovely lady Kartika Alexandra, a fellow Clinical Hypnotherapist & Indonesian sister! She's the founder of Holistic Healing Hypnosis & Maja Healing in Bali. Every single minute of this episode is so valuable! This episode was recorded during the COVID19 quarantine. They talked about how to heal past trauma by working with the subconscious, tips for pregnant women during a pandemic or any difficult/stressful situation, how to set healthy boundaries with people who you don't feel safe with, how to cope during a difficult time, and how to reframe negative thoughts/words.

Episode 6

Healing Chronic Illness with Vanessa Bighinatti

How to live with a chronic illness? Is it possible to live in remission? Can stored trauma in the body impact our physical health?Listen to a Chronic Illness Warrior share her journey as she went from bound to a cane at only 24 years old to now thriving in her life and helping others on their healing journey!I happily interviewed Vanessa Bighinatti in this episode. She shared her experience being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, Bartonella, POTS, EBV, SIBO & Leaky Gut, Chronic Fatigue & Pain, and Parasites, and the holistic natural path she took to take back her health.

Episode 7

Listening to Your Body Part 1 (Solocast)

Sometimes because of trauma, tension, or pain, listening to your body may seem scary, which is understandable. That is why going slowly and holding with so much safety is important.Are you really listening to your intuition or fear? How is living in a culture of everything digital, more work and distractions, affect our connection with our body? With our Self (Capital 'S')? Why is embodiment essential?

Episode 8

Relationships after Abuse and Trauma with Emmy Marie

Is being in a supportive and loving relationship possible after abuse and trauma?Having a secure relationship after abuse and trauma can seem uncomfortable because your body and brain got used to the chaos. But it is possible. Please know that you are worthy. You deserve love, safety, and joy. I invited Emmy Marie from Blooming Forward, where she shared her story of how she got out of an abusive relationship and some useful tips on relationships and attachment styles.

Episode 9

Listening to Your Body Part 2 (Solocast)

DISCLAIMER *PLEASE READ*: If you often experience dissociation and this feeling of disconnectedness with your body and unsafe to be in your body or connecting with your body, I would suggest you seek support first, if possible. Listening to our body may not be as simple as following some steps. Even though in this episode, I shared some steps, they might not apply to you. And especially, if you feel uncomfortable in regulating your experience, please do not follow the steps mentioned without having appropriate support.
What I share in this episode: Why listening to the body can be difficult at the beginning and why you should seek support if you are uncomfortable or unsafe being in your body. The steps on how you can start building a deeper connection with your body A guided grounding exercise A real-life example of when listening to the body can be helpful in a situation in moments of activation (triggering moments)

Episode 10

A True Story of Surviving Suicide and Divine Intervention

The silent pandemic that no one likes to talk about. In this episode, I was interviewed by Candy Wheeler, an Internationally Recognized Leadership Coach, to share my story of surviving suicide.
We cover: - The rise of suicide rates around the world due to challenges with the current global situation (COVID-19). - Stigma around mental health that is still present today - My personal experience of being suicidal from the age of 14 to 20 due to trauma and abuse - How to approach someone, especially a loved one, who is suicidal or struggling with mental health issues - A message of hope to keep going TRIGGER ⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️: This episode discusses suicide and self-harm and it may be triggering. Please call the suicide crisis line that is available in your country immediately, find a support group, seek help from a mental health professional or someone that you trust. Go to this following link to find a suicide hotline that is available in your country:

Episode 11

Disconnection to Connection after Sexual Trauma with Alyssa Gomez Staby

⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️: This episode discusses sexual assault and it may be triggering, but we do not go so much into the details. This episode is a part of our April Sexual Assault Awareness Month Series. 

In this episode, I've invited my former client, a sexual assault survivor & Trauma-informed Yoga Teacher, Alyssa. We talked about: - How trauma manifested in her body and her behaviors - How she reconnected with her self and her body - Post-traumatic growth: finding meaning and passion to help others after trauma - Trauma-informed yoga as a modality for survivors - Trauma-informed Yoga vs. Traditional Yoga class - Uplifting messages to empower you on your healing journey.

Episode 12

Dealing with Resurfacing Trauma and The Role of Play Therapy in Healing with Maria Immaculata

⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️: This episode discusses sexual assault and it may be triggering, but we do not go so much into the details. This episode is a part of our April Sexual Assault Awareness Month Series.

In this episode, I've invited a gang r*pe survivor and a Play Therapy trainee, Maria Immaculata. We talked about: - Dealing with resurfacing trauma - The importance of community and safe relationships for healing - What is Play Therapy, how it works, and its benefits - The power of sharing your story

Episode 13

Sex, Intimacy, and Relationships with Tugce Balik

⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️: This episode mentions sexual assault and sex, and it may be triggering, but we do not go so much into the details.  This episode is a part of our April Sexual Assault Awareness Month Series.

 In this episode, I've invited a Certified Intimacy Coach and a Ph.D. candidate in holistic psychology and sexology, Tugce Balik. We talked about:  - Breaking through the taboo topic of sex  - How being intimate, trusting others again, creating boundaries, problems with libido, make sense when we have experienced trauma  - Building trust after it has been broken  - The need for physical contact  - What can affect our sex drive and how trauma affects our sex drive  - Tools/advice for reconnecting with your partner after losing spark  - Harnessing our sexual energy