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1:1 Sessions (Holistic Rewiring Method & Somatic Emotional Release)

Coming Back Home to the Body, Having the Confidence to Start Her New Career & Feeling Empowered

" I had eczema to the point, it was debilitating to move. I was sleeping 2-3 hours at a time. Movement was not possible. Bathing hurt me. It was at the point like I feel like I'm dying and I need to address this pretty rapidly. And I didn't want to do the medication route.  I was having flashbacks from past sexual trauma.  The primary thing that really affirming for me after working with Nathasya is that trauma is stored in the body and understanding why I have pain. Two, discovering how I can release that. I now have the toolset to be able to continue because it's so scary when your body is breaking down and you don't know why. Now, my eczema has cleared up. I have a deep sleep. My connection with my husband has improved. Emotional trust is much better. At the beginning of the program, I didn't have any confidence. So now, I feel so much more confident. I feel much more capable. I feel much more empowered. For the first time in my life, I actually honored my body's needs. Even before, when I needed to pee, I would be holding it in. If I was hungry, I wouldn't eat. Now, I'm much better at honoring what capacity my body is at. And I think that's huge growth."

- Alyssa G., USA

Releasing Anger Patterns

"I reached out to Nathasya with pure curiosity around wanting to explore Somatic Experience Therapy that I’d heard such great things about! I had some Anger patterns emerge after having my first Son and I knew this was stemming from my earlier life experiences. I’m a big believer in things coming up when they are ready to be healed, hence the new exploration.
After the session, I am feeling more connected, free and with choice, lighter, and more comfortable in my skin.

To those who want to schedule a session but is scared, I say do it! Life is too short to hold onto things that don’t serve us. You are worth it & trust that what comes up is perfect for you."  

- Nerida, New Zealand

Building capacity after trauma

"The Somatic release sessions with Nathasya, were for me such a very important part of being able to heal.

It wasn’t until I had my first session with Nathasya that I realised how much trauma and stress I had built up in my body and to think now that I had been carrying the weight of this around with me every single day seems incomprehensible.

It literally feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and the physical symptoms I was experiencing are no longer present. You guided me through how to release and let go of what no longer served me and taught me some amazing breathing techniques and exercises to support my nervous system. I shall continue to use these techniques regularly as part of my daily self-care and self-love. Thankyou x"

- Leah, U.K

Trusting Again After Anxiety

"I now can feel trust myself, trust my body. I understand how it works, what it needs and how to interact with myself. I live from a place that is much more loving and less in fear. I don't feel that life is threatening me. I am able to let go more easily and have more confidence in life and in myself."
- Elena, Spain & Ghana

Releasing Suppressed Pain/Rage

"Her approach was just incredible and it helped me have, what I would say, the most profound, the most liberating emotional release I've ever experienced. I feel like I let go of a huge burden, my intention was fulfilled. She genuinely cares about the result. She genuinely cares about your wellbeing."
- Martin, Spain

Building more capacity after being fear-based around her health and having dealt with chronic illness

"My traumas around my ex relationships no longer affects me, I am no longer scared to be alone at night, I have released so much baggage I was holding on to. One of the biggest things is I am no longer fear based around my health, I don't immediately panic if a symptom comes up. I am so much more confident in myself and I can come from a place of love instead of ego. My creativity has been flowing, my self worth has blossomed, and my self love is so much stronger. I am ready to really put my focus and energy into my business. My worse health symptom and the one that i have been struggling with for years has been a heart aching or pain, which has completely gone away since we have started working together."
- Vanessa, USA

Resilience after Child Sexual Abuse

"I am more conscious of my behavior, and what is the driving force behind my actions. I feel that I have gained a new wave of motivation and energy within me. Once I was stuck and on the verge of giving up, now I am filled with love towards myself and feel more accepting. I have more time invested in myself, and I no longer need to do-do-do, as I was conditioned to believe. I have also become more loving, understanding and empathetic towards others.  I want to help as much as I can because if everyone took the time to really heal and learned to love themselves, this world would become such a beautiful place where light and love radiates from each and every one of us."
-Anja, Norway

"I was the sort of person who hoped I could just grit my teeth and drag myself through life. I expected to live this way forever, and just wait for a good window to come by before the next wave of suffering came through and I’d have to drag myself through that again. Working with Nathasya has made me realize that life doesn’t have to work that way.

 Suffering with chronic illness, and such severe anxiety that I couldn’t leave my house, I found myself in a place so low I wasn’t sure I’d recover. I feared losing my job, my partner, my life as a whole. Not even 2 months after working with Nathasya, I was able to get in the car and ride 3 hours away to go on a VACATION - something I never thought I’d experience again. Along with the healing I’ve found in my body and my soul, I’ve been able to heal traumas I’ve held onto for so long I was sure they were just a part of my personality.  

I’ve grown up with the idea that I was wired to be broken, sad, and suffering - but Nathasya helped me gather the tools I needed to plant my feet firmly in the ground and finally grow into myself, into a place where I am grateful and thriving and truly happy with my life.
I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge, grace, and genuine care. I am going to work with her for the foreseeable future, because once you feel this good - there’s no turning back. Investing in Nathasya’s trauma rewiring program means investing in finally feeling free from the things you thought you couldn’t get rid of. It means finally being a better partner and friend to those around you because you have more love to give now that your heart isn’t clogged by fear and trauma. It means finding yourself where you want to be and not where you thought you had to stay. Thank you Nathasya, for everything."

Harley S.
Boston, USA
1:1 HRM Client

"After my mother passed away about 6 years ago, I started my introduction to self-healing journey in order to help me out (or I thought) on my guilt, anger and self-hate-It was imperfect and often a hit and miss situation. Right before the social restriction (in regard to the Covid-19 situation) in my country- I felt enough with the anger, guilt and self-hate that have been blocking my ways. Right on that moment, the universe showed me the way- while I was browsing through my instagram and found her, and just set the schedule for a consultation call to get a better understanding on how she can help me.  

Along the journey with the program- Nathasya has helped me in seeing the source of my anger and guilt, makes me able to look at the mirror and feeling love towards myself.  
Nathasya’s approaches (the exercises, the breathing and movement, and the weekly discussion) have helped me to find my true self and aware of how my body reacts to certain conditions/trauma- indeed that is very powerful for myself- as I am able to change and switch the reaction through movement or breathing exercise.    

Above all, Nathasya helped me to accept and love myself! My authentic self! Something that has never crossed my mind (as I was growing up in a traditional patriarchy family…who value certain beauty standards that are just nuts!). I consider Nathasya not only a trauma coach- but she is able to give the light and empower you to align with your center, which opens doors to so many ways!  

 So, for anyone that has that “enough is enough with this hatred/guilt/anger” feeling, I suggest you have the talk with Nathasya, and I believe she will guide and hold your hand along the journey to healed and loved, and celebrate together with you for finding your true self."

Jakarta, Indonesia
1:1 HRM Client

"In the months prior to learning about the program, I had left a dream job and fell out of one of the most serious relationships I had ever been in. Unemployed, heartbroken, and just plain lost in life, I stumbled upon the Holistic Re-wiring Method Program through a friend's Instagram. I was struggling to manage my emotions at the time and I remember reading "emotion is energy in motion" - that resonated with me and brought some clarity to how I was feeling in the moment. Traditional "1 on 1" therapy in the US just wasn't working for me anymore, so I decided to reach out to Nathasya to see if I could learn more about how to climb out of the depression that I had sunken into. Part of me was sure I could pull myself out of this dark state, but as a co-worker once put it, "the mind can't think itself out of depression all on its own".

  This is where Nathasya's holistic approach really made a difference. She enabled me to see, gradually and through self-discovery, the limiting beliefs that I had built around myself. She gave me the tools to practice mindfulness and be fully in the present through a seemingly endless variety of breath work exercises. Most of all, she gave me the perspective and the tools allowed me to overcome these challenges, and to find a path forward in my career and in my relationships. The willingness to change was not something I was lacking - after all, the solution one needs often comes from within. It was the way in which Nathasya showed me how to affect that change in a balanced and healthy way that made this journey worthwhile. For anyone, especially any guy out there, that is sitting on the fence or is tired and done with basic "talk therapy", I encourage you to at least discuss your situation with Nathasya. I promise that you won't regret it."

1:1 HRM Client

"Dearest Nathasya,   🙏🏻   Namaste ! The Somatic Emotional Release that we did the other day seems to be working it’s magic.  I chose a topic to release - which was related to Hurt caused by 2 persons.  

 I am amazed - that I have close to zero feelings when I think about it or them.   I do have a thought of - learning my lessons well from that - but the kind of cringing-tear jerking pain has drastically reduced.  

I am Thankful and extremely Grateful for this lovely gift you gave me.  I don’t even know if I did any close to the correct method , because clearly I was off at times in the session.   But I want to tell you - whatever that session was , did me good.  

Please do consider this also as an appreciation  - You have a very calm demure , You have a way to connect with each of us & that was fantastic.  

I actual felt the release quite soon 2/3 days after, started feeling lighter, but I am 2/3 weeks down the line today and wowww ! that was some much needed  release of the heart pain."

Somatic Emotional Release Session

"After having had the session with Nathasya, I feel very calm with much less anxiety. A big breakthrough from working with Nathasya was managing my pain. The pain management is more efficient, calmer, and more patient. For anyone who wants to schedule a session with Nathasya, there's nothing to be scared about, just surrender." 

Somatic Emotional Release Session

“After 4 months of visits to the hospital, with vertigo, heart pain, stress, anxiety, and ringing in the ears, no doctors could gave me the proper help or explanation. Only Nathasya was able to help. For 4 months, I couldn't do any sports, my life was terrible and full of stress since doing sports helps me to get rid of stressful situations.

 After 2 months of working with Nathasya, I feel so much better. So the most significant change is that now I can do sports again, no need to stress, I feel happy now and some harmony in my life."

1:1 HRM Client

"Nathasya is very positive, kind, and compassionate. Always listening, inspiring, and motivating me to focus on my goals. She also understands and tries in relating to others, not being judgmental at all. I am grateful for her and having had this experience because she is supportive and inspiring.

The most significant overall change that I have noticed since beginning to work with Nathasya is self-confidence & laying some worries to restMost impactful were the sessions which turned out to release emotional blockages."

1:1 HRM Client

"Now I feel lighter, happy with my own body, and plenty of energy to exercise. My period is less painful, and even sometimes, no pain at all. In every area I've chosen to make a change, Nathasya supported me, motivated me, and showed me how I can reach my goals."

1:1 HRM Client

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