Chronic Warriors

Elevate Your Healing through Nutrition and Trauma Release

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An 8-week live online group program to support those who suffer from both chronic illness and trauma symptoms, where you get to implement, have a deeper awareness of yourself, and take the steps to recover. 


✔️Receive support from experts in Holistic Nutrition, Trauma Recovery & Nervous System for 8 weeks

✔️Be a part of a heart-centered & like-minded community to make you feel that you are not alone

✔️Build your nervous system's capacity

✔️Rewire your brain for healing

✔️Reconnect with your body 
✔️Explore and release trauma and stress held in the body

✔️Nourish the body through nutrition

✔️Feel empowered & equipped with the tools to continue your healing

✔️Cultivate a sense of safety with yourself

✔️Gain a sense of control over your health

✔️Gain confidence in healing


90-min intro & closing ceremony

Intro: Diving into intentions, expectations and grounding with the whole group! Closing: Come with your questions, receive more support to prepare you for the future, and celebrating your wins!

3 x 90-min group nutrition sessions with vanessa

Deep diving into the importance of nutrition and how to support your body on a healing diet. Followed by 1 mindset session to help gain confidence through your healing.

3 x 90-min group somatic release sessions with nathasya

Utilizing pendulation, titration, breath, movement, touch, sound, tremoring, energy work, and verbal coaching to help you release trauma/stress/trapped emotions in the body.

an exclusive like-minded community online

Access to your fellow chronic warriors online. Connect and support one another! You are not alone. Community and co-regulation is an important aspect to healing.

access to the online portal with replays & resources

Receive access to the replays of the introduction, closing ceremony, sessions with Vanessa, and access to resources such as e-guides. These can be accessed from your mobile or desktop. Lifetime access.

text/email support with nathasya & vanessa

Got a question or want to share what's coming up for you in between sessions? Access to  Nathasya or Vanessa through email or Voxer from Monday-Friday throughout the duration of the program for any questions or celebrations that come up.


Vanessa B.
Holistic Health Coach

Hey there, I am Vanessa! I struggled for years with Chronic Lyme Disease, Bartonella, POTS, EBV, SIBO & Leaky Gut, Chronic Fatigue & Pain, and Parasites. At 24 years old, I was bound to a cane, at rock bottom, and thought I was missing out on the most important years of my life.  After abandoning my pastas, breads and cheeses, I realized how much food has an effect on my symptoms. This diet shift, though drastic, gave me hope for remission and changed my life. Now I am happy to say I am in remission from most of these symptoms. I continue to heal each and every day, becoming more myself through nutrition and a holistic & healthy lifestyle.

Where I once saw my illness as a curse, I can now find gratitude for the path on which it’s taken me- to becoming a certified holistic health coach! I am so inspired to help others find their own way and I am happy to be able to guide you on your own unique journey. Emotionally and physically, because healing is a lifestyle.

Nathasya O.M
Trauma-trained Somatic Practitioner & Coach

Hi love, I'm Nathasya (She/Her)! I'm a trauma survivor, Trauma-trained Somatic Practitioner & Coach, Breathwork teacher, the founder of AKKU Holistic Health, and the host of 'Resilient Chat with Nat' Podcast. I've dealt with multiple traumatic experiences that horribly affected my emotional, mental, and physical health (weak immune system, chronic back pain, eczema, painful period, scoliosis).

I guide survivors to release stress and trauma from the body, and expand their nervous system's capacity to deal with stress, activation, as well as experience deeper states of relaxation. I specialize in sexual trauma, developmental trauma, chronic illness, and grief/loss. My mission is to help others break the cycle of abuse and trauma.  

Over the years, I have helped people changed their lives from illness, pain, dissatisfaction, and suppression to health, resilience, openness, clarity, compassion, awareness, and knowing themselves deeper. 


"Healing with Ness has been life changing! She has encouraged me to make the modifications in my lifestyle to get me feeling healthy again. I came to Ness at my worst, fed up with traditional medicine, having done everything the doctors said and not getting any better. Ness helped me nail down my root cause and set me up with a plan to help me beat it. She has a boatload of knowledge about what foods, herbs and supplements alleviate symptoms and breaks it down in a way that's sustainable, easy to to understand and follow. We worked together to set up a plan tailored specifically for my healing and she guided me every step of the way. She was always there to answer my questions and offer support. She treated my healing as if it was her own and was as invested in my journey as I was. I've finally gotten my health back thanks to Ness. She is the best and highly recommend healing with her."

- Adriane

"I was the sort of person who hoped I could just grit my teeth and drag myself through life. I expected to live this way forever, and just wait for a good window to come by before the next wave of suffering came through and I’d have to drag myself through that again. Working with Nathasya has made me realize that life doesn’t have to work that way. Suffering with chronic illness, and such severe anxiety that I couldn’t leave my house, I found myself in a place so low I wasn’t sure I’d recover. I feared losing my job, my partner, my life as a whole. Not even 2 months after working with Nathasya, I was able to get in the car and ride 3 hours away to go on a VACATION - something I never thought I’d experience again. Along with the healing I’ve found in my body and my soul, I’ve been able to heal traumas I’ve held onto for so long I was sure they were just a part of my personality. I’ve grown up with the idea that I was wired to be broken, sad, and suffering - but Nathasya helped me gather the tools I needed to plant my feet firmly in the ground and finally grow into myself, into a place where I am grateful and thriving and truly happy with my life. I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge, grace, and genuine care. I am going to work with her for the foreseeable future, because once you feel this good - there’s no turning back. Investing in Nathasya’s trauma rewiring program means investing in finally feeling free from the things you thought you couldn’t get rid of. It means finally being a better partner and friend to those around you because you have more love to give now that your heart isn’t clogged by fear and trauma. It means finding yourself where you want to be and not where you thought you had to stay. Thank you Nathasya, for everything."

- Harley S.

“Working with Vanessa has been LIFE CHANGING! I had never resonated with anyone else Re: healing our bodies through food + nutrition as I felt nobody understood my unique struggles with Lyme/EBV/ Autoimmunity/ extreme sensitivity/ cystic acne, etc. Vanessa gets it!!! She helped me overcome my fruit fear as I had not eat any in years (!) and the healing that has already happened in my body is incredible. She is so knowledgeable but also kind and super fun to work with! Highly recommend to anyone searching for an excellent guide on their holistic healing journey."

- Kat

“After 4 months of visits to the hospital, with vertigo, heart pain, stress, anxiety, and ringing in the ears, no doctors could gave me the proper help or explanation. Only Nathasya was able to help. For 4 months, I couldn't do any sports, my life was terrible and full of stress since doing sports helps me to get rid of stressful situations.  After 2 months of working with Nathasya, I feel so much better. So the most significant change is that now I can do sports again, no need to stress, I feel happy now and some harmony in my life."

- Andrey


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Any individuals (non-gender specific) who suffer from chronic illness and have a history of trauma or traumatic stress, and want to grow, learn, re-learn, un-learn, heal, be supported, feel safe in their body and themselves, connect… are welcome!!

Yes, there will be recordings for the sessions, except for the practical Somatic Release sessions to protect the privacy of the participants. Therefore, we recommend to make sure that you can attend the Somatic Release sessions LIVE, which take place on Week 3, 5 and 7 on a Saturday (see below for the schedule).

Here is the schedule for the calls:
Week 1: INTRO CALL Thursday, June 10th @ 5PM EST
Week 2: (with Vanessa) Thursday, June 17th @ 7.30PM EST
Week 3: (with Nathasya) Saturday, June 26th @ 12PM EST
Week 4: (with Vanessa) Thursday, July 8th @ 7.30PM EST
Week 5: (with Nathasya) Saturday, July 17th @ 12PM EST
Week 6: (with Vanessa) Thursday, July 22nd @ 7.30PM EST
Week 7: (with Nathasya) Saturday, July 31st @ 12PM EST
Week 8: CLOSING SUPPORT CALL, Thursday  August 5th @ 5PM EST

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and live classes, refunds are not available. Please read through all of the information or contact either Vanessa or Nathasya directly if you still have any questions or doubts before joining.

Our priority is to help you feel safe. We do not discriminate or pathologize against any disorders, behaviors, appearances, race, etc.
Additionally, when it comes to the Somatic Release sessions with Nathasya, her way of facilitating, coaching, teaching, and guiding is trauma-informed.

Vanessa will be educating and empowering you on foods to eliminate and what to focus on but it is ultimately up to you to make the changes in your diet that feel good for you.

We will not be providing you with a meal plan but Vanessa is happy to support your further on creating one that feels good for you.

We talk about the power of eating whole-food and a plant based diet but that doesn’t mean you have to be vegetarian or vegan. Plant based means your diet is mostly plants so anyone who eats meat can still enjoy it.

We are both available via Voxer or email for support or if you would like a 1:1 session we are offering a private session at a discounted rate (we will provide more information about this within the program).

Each session is 90-minutes long.

Still got more questions?

We got you! Send your question to or
send a DM on Instagram to either Nathasya (@nathasyaom) or Vanessa (@healingw.ness).