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Millennial Paris Magazine

Nathasya was interviewed and featured in the Millennial Paris Magazine, a French Magazine, in 2017. She shared about her career change that drastically changed her lifestyle.

Seekers & Healers

Nathasya was interviewed by Nat Ma for his platform Seekers and Healers in 2018. She answered a series of questions about her journey.
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Let's Reach Success

From Surviving Trauma to Becoming a Somatic Trauma Coach and Breathwork Teacher: Interview with Nathasya Octaviane. (2021)
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Authority Magazine

An interview with Pirie Jones Grossman for the series '5 Things You Need To Heal After a Dramatic Loss or Life Change.' (2021)
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Thrive Global

An interview with Pirie Jones Grossman for the series '5 Things You Need To Heal After a Dramatic Loss or Life Change.' (2021)
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'Somatic Therapy Creates a Deeper Mind-Body Connection - Here's How To Practice It' (2021)
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Summits, Webinars & Lives

Is This Real Life? Female Healers Summit

A summit of inspiring stories of women that come from diverse areas of expertise from full time holistic healers, to mindset and business coaches, to CEO's of 6 and 7 figure companies. This was organized by Candy Wheeler from Warrior Woman.
Date: May 5-9, 2020
Nathasya shared her journey of becoming a Trauma-informed Somatic Coach and how she started AKKU Holistic Health.

Choose Yourself Summit

A summit, organized by Ashley Beaudin, with presentations from over 30 mental health professionals and advocates, who carry wisdom on how to heal self-sabotage and cultivate self-support.
Date: May 18-22, 2020

Nathasya spoke on the topic 'Release Emotions & Trauma from the Body', where she talked briefly about trauma and the body and guided a practical somatic exercise.

Quote from the talk: "Healing is a journey. We have to be compassionate with where we are." - Nathasya O.M

Some other key speakers:  Dr. Justine Grosso (@heydrjustine), Iris McAlpin (@irismcalpin), Maria Sosa (@holisticallygrace), Jacq Gould (@jacqgould), Emmy Marie (@bloomingwithemmy), Alyssa Chang (@coachalyssachang).

Womxn Empowered Summit

A live virtual event, organized by Paola Ucelo, with a panel of womxn healers who shared their perspectives, tools and medicine in building confidence, magnifying spiritual strength and be fully expressed as a womxn.
Date: August 12th, 2020

Nathasya spoke on the topic 'Cultivating Inner Safety' and also guided a practical somatic exercise to support the audience on cultivating their inner safety.

Other key speakers: Alyson Charles (The Rock-Star Shaman), Lotus Sky,  Gabriela Villacorta.

The Slow Business Virtual Retreat

An online experience to offer entrepreneurs the tools and inspiration to lead a slow business; one that prioritizes intentionality and well-being over the hustle and pressures of our modern age. There are talks from leaders in the emotional wellness, business and slow living spaces along with a community culture of safety and healing.
Date: March 15-19 2021

Nathasya covers the topic 'Somatic Skills to Support Your Slowing Down'.
Quote from the talk: "When we slow down, we offer ourselves the permission to recover, so that we can show up more fully in our lives and work." 
- Nathasya O.M

Single to Dating Summit

A summit with 30 experts in love, dating, and relationships, sharing their secrets and knowledge about how you can date confidently and get results! An online virtual event by Mackenzie McGehee.
Date: April 26-28 2021

Nathasya covers the topic 'Feel it to Heal it', where she talks about the importance of feeling our sensation, emotion, feelings, & thoughts to heal, the role of the body in the process of healing, and how they can help you in your relationships and/or dates. She also shares an easy and practical tool to help anyone 'feel it to heal it.'


The Awakening Self

EPISODE: 26. Awakening with Nathasya

In this episode, Nathasya speaks about what it is like to hit rock bottom and going on a journey from a place of darkness to discovering and living in one with light. The struggles that we can face and some of the tools that can help us on this along the way. Podcast host: Aaron Fisher

Higher Self Activation

EPISODE: Journey to Enlightenment while Remaining Grounding with Nathasya O.M

A fun conversation about balancing both the spiritual practices and being human (eating pizza!). Podcast host: Ligia Leite

Words of a Warrior

EPISODE: 24. How to Heal Your Childhood Trauma Through Somatic Therapy

Nathasya and Candy talk about how even the simplest childhood traumas can be impacting you today and offer practical tools on how to navigate this healing so that you can stop letting it run your life. Podcast host: Candy Wheeler

EPISODE : 32. Surviving Suicide & Divine Orchestration

In this episode, Nathasya comes back on the podcast for a second time to dive deeper into the mental health struggles she mentioned on Episode 24 and gives us the full story of surviving her 3 attempts at suicide. Tune in to hear her message for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness & thoughts of suicide or someone knows who is.

Soul Sense with Silkina

EPISODE: 34. Clearing Trauma Using Breathwork with Nathasya O.M

In this episode, Nathasya O.M talk about:
- Why connecting to your breath is important
- The power of conscious and intentional breathing
- How to use breathwork to heal and release stuck emotions and trauma
- Tips on how to center and ground yourself using breath anywhere and anytime
Podcast Host: Silkina

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